Hi, I’m Nanci Besser and I teach Kindness. My journey to “go kindly” through life began on the worst day of my life: October 2nd, 2001. That day I was the passenger in a car that drove off a cliff. Facing sudden death was terrifying in and of itself; but facing death with regrets about “how” I’d related to others and myself was even worse. In that moment, I decided that if I lived, I would choose kindness to be my guide; that I would make amends, and I would move forward as a student of how to “go kindly” through life. The irony is that from the moment I emerged from that broken car, each and every obstacle I faced only made me kinder; and no, not in a “bliss ninny” way. If it could happen to me; it can happen to you. I am writer, a speaker, a consultant, an educator, and an advocate of choosing to go kindly through life. Are you ready to change your life with Kindness? Join me on the journey; We are all in this together.

Nany_Mello 1111

Welcome to my Go Kindly Family!

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